SA Mint Coins

I’ve been shooting coins for the South African Mint recently, it’s amazing to see the intricacy and detail of some of the designs, the leopard coin is really stunning when you see it zoomed in at full res. These are part of the Natura series, have a look at the South African Mint’s website for more:                                              

Paris 2015

I was in Paris just after the Charlie Hebdo attack, still managed to see a whole lot of beautiful art, van Gogh’s self portrait is so much more vibrant in person. It does feel like half of Egypt is in the Louvre though, got me wondering what is in the Egyptian museums. Also took the chance to see the march, to see what 1,5 million people looks like… and then proceeded to get stuck in it and become part of it which was an interesting experience, bar the moments when it felt like being crushed a bit. Considering most marches …

Cape Town and Hermanus 2014

Cape Town to see the family and friends.. always good fun and good food! And saw my first whale, for someone who has always quite liked fish(yes, i know that a whale is a mammal), weird that i hadn’t seen one yet. Now i’ve seen a whale’s tail and managed to snap a pic!